This is a game about pizza and freedom throughout the galaxy. Just don't put those damned pineapples on my half of the pizza.

Made in 11 hours for the Weekend Game Jam:


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Astroids.  I like it.  I'm sad I hadn't thought of this.

The Esc key isn't such a good idea on the web browser, though, because it brings it out of fullscreen, every time.  Is there a way to make it consume the key input?

Thank you for the feedback. 

I've been hyper avoiding fullscreen on my last couple of games because of my noobiness.

It makes the UI elements go all wonky with  the way I have it set up (because I haven't got used to managing different screen sizes).

I'm gonna make an honest effort to actually fix the UI today so that you can see everything in fullscreen because this is totally disgraceful.

I'm also gonna fix the issue you are having with the escape key. 

I don't know how to consume key input; that's an interesting question though.

My solution will be to change which key resets the game to something sensible, like 'n' or 'enter'.

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You can expect an update tonight after the voting is over.

Tell me what you think of the latest version when you get a chance. Full screen issues should be fixed.