•   Press A - D or Left and Right arrow keys to move the Snake

  • Eat eggs to grow longer or wait for eggs to hatch into more chickens

  • Keep the fox away or he will eat your chickens!

  • Don't move off the grid or crash into your own tail

Eat enough eggs to grow long enough to encircle 1 chicken with your body.

aztec-man - Lead Programmer

Dillan Hoyos - Audio Implementer

Cosche - 3D Artist

This game was made for the Spring GJL Parade

"Every Life Counts"

Development log


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This is definitely one of the more interesting concepts I've come across, and I feel it has a lot of potential. However, the restrictive movement makes it frustrating at times to try to achieve your goal. If the player had more control over the snake and if the wolf had a more aggressive AI, the game would feel a lot more responsive.